Vegetarian Potato Pancakes – The perfect combination

Proudly bearing the famous brand since 1960, Sa Giang shrimp puff pastry is famous for its quality which has been recognized by prestigious domestic and foreign organizations. With a wide market from the US, European countries, Australia, Korea… our products are always the first choice of consumers. Continuing that tradition, we always strive to bring new products of the highest quality and potato veggie puffs are such a product.

Potatoes with ingredients: 75% water, 17.7% starch, 0.9% sugar, 1-2% protein, 0.7% amino acids. In the protein composition, potatoes contain all non-replaceable amino acids such as izoloxin, lexin, methionine, phenylamine, trenin, valine and histidine. (Dr. Tran Thi Mai, Preservation of Commercial Potatoes, Agricultural Publishing House of Ho Chi Minh City, 2001). In addition, potatoes also contain a lot of fiber and minerals necessary for health such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium …

Content of some minerals in 100g of potatoes

Calcium 5mg

Iron 0.31mg

Photpho 44mg

Magie 22mg

Kali 379mg

Sodium 4mg


Iron in potatoes is not as much as some other foods, but if consumed regularly, the body will absorb a significant amount of iron to form blood, helping to prevent anemia, especially in children and old women. reproductive.

In particular, with the abundant potassium content in potatoes will reduce the risk of stroke. Potatoes are classified as a group of vegetables rich in fiber, including insoluble fiber that participates in the elimination of toxins in the body and soluble fiber that helps reduce cholesterol in the blood and regulate blood glucose. (Nguồn:

With such nutritious agricultural products, we have brought them into each puff pastry, to continue the story of Sa Giang puff pastry, a perfect combination not to be missed.

Raw materials for making potato veggie pancakes are carefully checked before being put into production, from the stage of receiving raw materials to the finished product. Potato veggie pancakes are made from the freshest Da Lat potatoes to ensure nutrition, natural color and flavor for the product, along with the careful care of the staff according to technology. of SAGIMEXCO with more than 55 years of experience in producing puff pastry. All create a scrumptious taste for each piece of potato veggie puff, ensuring it looks appealing, delicious to eat, and has a unique flavor that only puffs made from raw potatoes can.

Vegetarian Potato Pancakes – bring natural flavor into each cake.

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