The journey of inheriting and developing manufactured shrimp chips from local heritage requires a lot of enthusiasm, passion, and effort. Over the past six decades, Sa Giang has always carried out that mission, gradually affirmed the quality of Vietnamese products worldwide, and is present in over 30 markets. Following the foundation success of shrimp chips, Sa Giang has developed various dried rice noodle products.


Sa Giang shrimp chips have been famous in Vietnam since the 1960s. At Dong Thap province, farmed and caught shrimp are local seafood ingredients with natural taste, nutrition, and are abundant in supply. In Vietnam, tapioca is an essential agricultural crop. Through Sa Giang processing with our skilled workers, these ingredients have brought out the typical flavor of Sa Giang shrimp chips.

Not only famous in the domestic market, but also Sa Giang shrimp chips are widely well-known in the internal market. Currently, besides traditional shrimp chips, Sa Giang also have various new products such as crab chips, squid chips, vegetable and vegan chips to meet customers’ diverse cravings and flavors.


Famous for more than 100 years, Sa Dec rice flour traditional craft village processes many rice flours to create various favorite rice noodles such as dried noodles, rice stick noodles, Quang noodles, rice vermicelli, fine vermicelli noodles, etc. Located in this land, Sa Giang inherited Sa Dec local culinary and developed a modern industrial rice noodle processing line. We provide high-quality rice noodle products to consumers with a strict quality control process. Our products are suitable for daily meals, convenient, and ideal for diverse culinary cultures worldwide.

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