Sa Giang maintains tradition and cultural heritage while embracing new changes and develops new products

Since 1960, Sa Giang was founded by Mr. Le Minh Triet developing traditional shrimp chips. Thanks to processing technology improvements, Sa Giang successfully promoted Vietnamese shrimp chips to conquer global markets such as Asia, Europe, the US, and Australia. In 1970, Sa Giang won the first international award, the Silver Medal, at the OSAKA fair in Japan. The company continues to expand its capacity from 200 tons of shrimp chips/year in the early days to 9,000 tons of shrimp chips/year and 6,000 tons of dried rice noodle products/year. Currently Sa Giang exports to more than 31 countries and constantly affirms its position of Vietnamese specialties.


Sa Giang is proudly named after the local river flowing through Sa Dec province. Since the 17th century, Sa Dec has been an important economic center of the Mekong Delta. It is well-known as a wealthy land offering high-quality agricultural products, an abundant rice supply, and seafood sources.

Aspire to become a global leader


Sa Giang has proudly been a famous national brand in Vietnam for more than six decades. Constantly maintaining and developing its position, we always run the business responsibly and wholeheartedly for customers. We constantly innovate to become a leading innovative food company in Vietnam on solid foundations built over decades. We will continue to reach further into the world.


Sa Giang affirms its reputation through its product’s natural quality and distinctive flavors. We constantly invest in different R&D projects to conquer today’s consumer needs with new innovative products. Sa Giang’s utmost priority is to focus on food safety, hygiene, and product quality, to deliver the best experience for our customers.


For over 60 years, Sa Giang products have been presented in more than 30 countries worldwide. We provide ourselves on providing the best quality products. Additionally, continuously creating new products to meet consumer demand, we apply strict quality management processes and standards to meet high standards in import markets, such as Japan and Europe.

Currently, Sa Giang products are consumed in major countries such as UK, France, Germany, Netherlands. In addition, Sa Giang also exports to other countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Greece, Czech Republic, USA, Canada, Australia, Korea, Morocco, Russia, Nigeria, Malaysia…

Meeting domestic consumption, Sa Giang built a domestic distribution system stretching from North to South through modern supermarket channels, authorized dealers, and traditional wholesale markets.




Sa Giang is always grateful to the local community for fostering the company development journey. We always have social support activities every year and relief donations through:

Support for people with disabilities:
  • Supports the fund “For the poor” and “The society takes care of and promotes the role of the elderly”.
  • Supports physical facilities
  • Supports the community for medical examination and treatment, ambulance, and COVID19 epidemic prevention fund

Through the annual fund support package for the construction of educational and sports facilities, Sa Giang creates conditions to develop a learning environment that is both physical and mental. 

Education is a sustainable way to develop the next generation. We put our trust in and create conditions for disadvantaged students to go to school through scholarship funding.


Human resources are valuable assets of the company. Sa Giang aims to become a successful starting point for employees, especially female workers with packages of female workers in difficult circumstances and female workers with small children.

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