Purple sweet potato – Gift from nature

Purple sweet potato (scientific name is Ipomoea batatas L., belonging to the family Convolvulaceae), is a very familiar tuber, loved by many people with many benefits for health and healing. Purple sweet potato originates from South America and is now popular in many parts of the world, including Vietnam. This is an easy-to-grow, high-yielding plant, characterized by long tubers, smooth skin, and distinctive purple inner part.

In terms of nutritional value, purple sweet potato contains many essential nutrients and is good for the body. Sweet potatoes are considered the main source of calories (175 calories/100g). The main nutritional components of sweet potatoes are sugar (3.63-6.77%) and starch (18-20%), in addition to other ingredients such as protein, vitamins (vitamin C, provitamins). A, B1, B2, B6…), minerals (K, Ca, Mg, P, Fe…) make an important contribution to human nutrition.

In addition, purple sweet potatoes also contain anthocyanins, a compound belonging to the flavonoid group. Anthocyanins are natural colorants with many valuable properties and effects, and are increasingly used in the food industry as well as in medicine. Recent studies show that purple sweet potatoes contain many antioxidants (including phenolic compounds, anthocyanins, carotenoids) that prevent the growth of cancer cells, anti-aging, and clean up impurities. in blood vessels. So in Japan, purple sweet potato is used to make juice, a drink of functional foods. In addition, purple sweet potatoes also have the effect of reducing blood pressure, losing weight, very good for the digestive system, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, preventing pimples and anti-yellow skin very effectively. Moreover, through the processing and processing, the oxidizing enzymes are inactivated, increasing the anthocyanin content; increase color, increase nutritional and sensory value of products.

(According to Medical Journal; Journal of Food Science, Journal of Science and Technology of Technical Universities)

From those advantages, our company has decided to choose purple sweet potato as the main source of ingredients to make a vegetarian sweet potato cake with the desire to bring a nutritious product with many health benefits to consumers. , as well as providing variety in vegetarian diets

With a source of nutrient-rich plant materials produced on advanced quality management lines such as HACCP, ISO, etc., sweet potato veggie puff pastry is a suitable food for those who want to lose weight without drugs, reduce fat in the blood. or people with diabetes….Enjoy the natural taste of sweet potato vegetarian puff pastry!

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