Sa Giang Shrimp Cake Factory was formed and built in 1960 and operated continuously until the liberation day of the South in 1975. With a capacity of 200 tons / year, Sa Giang shrimp cake factory was famous in the market. For a long time, in 1970, Sa Giang Shrimp Pancake brand won a Silver Medal at OSAKA Japan Fair, at that time France was the main export market and before 1975, Sa Giang shrimp cake brand was very popular among consumers. favorite country.

On December 8, 1992, the People's Committee of Dong Thap province decided to establish Sa Giang Import and Export Company as a State enterprise.

At this time, applying HACCP in food processing is very new and unfamiliar to the whole country in general and for Sa Giang in particular; But with her efforts, Sa Giang has successfully applied the quality management program according to HACCP. In order to meet the strict European regulations on food safety and hygiene conditions for countries that want to export goods to the European market.

In July 1997, Sa Giang became one of the first 18 Vietnamese enterprises to be granted CODE to export goods to the European (EU) market.

In 1998, the Company expanded the market, improved models, and improved product quality. Since then, the prestige of Sa Giang shrimp cake brand has become more famous domestically and especially in foreign markets such as UK, France, USA, Japan, Korea ..., creating favorable conditions to open. investment in the international economic integration process.

In order to meet the increasing demand for export, in 1999 the company completed the investment in building and putting into operation a shrimp Pancakes factory with a capacity of 800 tons / year (now the Enterprise Sa Giang shrimp crackers 2).

In June 2003, the Company completed the investment in construction and continued to operate a shrimp cake factory with a capacity of 2,500 tons / year with an investment of 17 billion VND (now the Enterprise Sa Giang shrimp crackers 1).

In 2010, to increase the capacity of Sa Giang 2 Shrimps Cake Enterprise to 4,500 tons / year

Currently, Sa Giang is producing four main product lines:

Types of banh cuon: shrimp crackers, crab crackers, fish crackers, squid crackers ...
Rice products: Dry pho, instant noodle, rice noodle, rice noodle, brown rice vermicelli ...
Meat products: Cha lua, Gio thu, Da bao
Bottled water:
Currently, the technical staff of the Company is constantly researching and adding new products, improving quality and designs to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Implementing the policy of enterprise equitization, in July 2004, the People's Committee of Dong Thap province officially changed Sa Giang Import-Export Company from a state-owned enterprise to Sa Giang Import-Export Joint Stock Company, which functions in the field of food export and processing and import and export. The Company's trading name is SAGIMEXCO.DONG THAP. The head office is located at Lot CII-3, Industrial Park C, Sa Dec City, Dong Thap Province.

Currently, in addition to Sa Giang Shrimp Cake Factory 1 and Sa Giang Shrimp Cake Factory 2, the Company also has a Food Factory and a Branch in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, the Company organizes distribution networks in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and some other localities. The company also has many foreign customers in Europe, and some countries in Asia, America and Africa. Through a long history of operation and development, Sa Giang has become one of the units affirming the prestige of its products and brands in the domestic and world markets; Sa Giang was honored to receive such noble titles and awards

  • Labor Medal, class 2.
  • Emulation Flag of the Government, Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Commerce, Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Industry.
  • Emulation Flag of the Provincial People's Committee in 2001, 2002.
  • High-quality Vietnamese goods, The title "An effective business enterprise", The title "The potential enterprise for international cooperation and integration of AFTA", "The Golden Plum Award 2005", Gold Cup
  • Trademarks and Trademarks, Vietnam Gold Star Award 2013, Silver Award for Vietnamese Quality ...
  • Product Gold Medal at domestic and international fairs.

On September 5, 2006 Sa Giang Import Export Joint Stock Company officially listed, traded shares at the Ho Chi Minh City Securities Trading Center under the Approval Decision No. 528 / QD.TTg dated June 14, 2005 and the State Securities Commission listed shares under Decision No. 59 / UBCK-GPNY dated July 28, 2006, with the stock code SGC, the number of shares registered for trading is 4,088,700 shares, equivalent to the par value of VND 40,887,000,000.