Sa Dec Rice Vermicelli
Monday, Day 14/12/2020

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They are very good to have on breakfast, daily meals, easy to cook by any ways such as cooking chicken soup or beef soup or fry with pork, shrimp, egg, vegetables…
With key ingredients from rice flour, tapioca starch and seasonings to have better taste characteristics than other products. Together with hygienic processing, strictly quality management help make security products for consumer health.


Weight: 200g, 400g
Ingredients: Rice flour (100%)


1. For soup and hotpot cooking – Soak in water for 3 -5 minutes – Boiling in 2 -3 minutes, rinse under clean water and then drain off – Served with prepared soup 2. For frying – soak in warm water about 60 degree (by mixing two portions of hot water and one portion of cool water) in 10 minutes, then drain off – Fry shrimp, meat, vegetable…and then mix with prepared vermicelli. 3. For fresh rice vermicelli – Soak in water for 3- 5 minutes – Boiling in 3 – 4 minutes, rinse under clean water and drain off about 5 minutes, then use as fresh vermicelli.